Discover How Everygift™ is Revolutionizing Church Giving

In 2022, Everygift™ secured over $213.5M in donations to churches! And this free ebook is packed with more powerful statistics and success stories from ministries of every size. Get yours today for a sneak peek at what's possible!


Proven Value Through Powerful Features

Don't let anything come between your church and your donors. Everygift™ features have helped ministries like yours generate these gifts last year alone:

  • $25.7M secured by Assured® Payments
  • $22.5M more given because of Recurring Suggestion
  • $110.2M failed transactions recovered

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Our proprietary system of features secures gifts that otherwise might have been missed, while simultaneously encouraging future donations:

  • Assured® Payments: Detects if a gateway is down and queues potentially failing gifts.
  • Failed Payment Recovery: Spots failing recurring payments and offers donors the ability to catch up.
  • Expiring Card Notifications: Prompts recurring donors when a card’s expiration date is coming up.

  • Offline Conversion: Simplifies transition to digital giving for cash and check donors.
  • Recurring Suggestion: Identifies a donor’s giving patterns and recommends an appropriate recurring gift schedule.
  • Donor Covers Fees: Allows donors to contribute toward processing costs.
  • Pledge with Recurring: Set up a recurring gift alongside a pledge.

“We have found that anything that is worth value, you have to invest in it. And so we would even say that Pushpay is better than free because of the incredible value that we get year over year. We had a 10 times return on our investment with Pushpay, and we have seen incredible growth come through the ministry."

Jesse Sullivan, Awaken Church