It’s Finally Here: Engage Your Church’s Donors Like Never Before

Discover how Pushpay’s new Donor Development tools can help you increase generosity with people at every stage of their journey at your church

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   Introducing Donor Development, Your Admin’s New Best Friend

Introducing Donor Development, Your Admin’s New Best Friend

Every church is a little bit different—whether it’s denomination, location, or just demographic, every church serves a slightly different group of people with slightly different needs.

But there’s one thing you can say about every single person in your church, no matter how different your church is: they have a story. A story about how they got there, about why they stay there, about why your church matters so much to them. They have a story because they’re on a journey—from never hearing of your church to becoming a fully engaged member.

Yet so often churches don’t have a plan to take someone through that journey. And while many of the churches we talked to had some form of donor development in place, they lacked the simple technical tool that would make that process streamlined and sustainable.

That’s why we created Donor Development—a complete, robust dashboard that harnesses your giving data to show you where every member of your church is on their giving journey with your church. Not only can you view the complete picture of your donors, you can see individual donors and get customized next-steps to help you invite those people into deeper participation with your church, all thanks to intelligent features like:

  • An at-risk donor view that helps surface the people who need pastoral care
  • A comprehensive view of donor health at your church
  • Customized next-steps for individual donors (with recommended actions and resources)
  • And more!

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