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Pushpay and Focus Missions

Utilize FOCUS Missions & Pushpay to:

  • Eliminate costs and reduce admin complexity through Pushpay processing
  • Draw first-time givers into deeper fellowship with your church
  • Track donations (to both trips and individuals) in Focus Mission’s admin console
  • Reconcile bank deposits with ease
  • Create trips, assign leaders, and be as involved or as hands-off as you please
  • Manage all consent forms, documentations, and donations in one easy-to-manage location

"WOW. What a great experience! I just tested our first trip and this giving experience was great and exceeded expectations (especially with redirect back to the Focus Missions page). Thanks for all your hard work on this! Please tell the team how happy Celebration Church is with this integration.”

Yolanda Queitsch
Accounting Finance Director | Celebration Church

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