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This Christmas, ensure your engagement strategy makes an impact on long-time congregants & first-time guests alike.

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Safety Comes First

Children are not only deeply cherished by God, they’re also the next generation of leaders, teachers, and volunteers of the global church! Their safety is a top priority for you, as it is for all of us.

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Supported Through Tech

Technology is always evolving and improving, and so are the ways to keep children safe. Your ministry’s tech should be empowering you to protect the kids entrusted to you.

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Protect The Future of the Church

Kids are the next generation of church leaders, teachers, and volunteers. Help them stay safe and continue growing in their relationship with God.

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Christmas Is Coming

Plan Intentionally This
Holiday Season

This workbook will challenge you to be introspective about your church’s strengths and guide you through strategies that will help highlight those attributes.

Can you explain the ‘culture’ of your church?

Describe your church’s best Christmas ever?

Describe your church’s best Christmas ever?
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