Maximize Ministry Potential With Engagement

Engagement is the new attendance. But what does an engagement-centric approach look like? From Sunday to Every Day: Unlocking the Full Potential of Church Engagement, answers that question. Packed with powerful strategies and conversation-starting questions, it’ll equip you and your staff with the necessary steps and strategies to confidently engage with your community seven days a week.


An Inside Look

Learn to maximize engagement, from livestreaming to creating an engaging church culture, and unlock your ministry's potential.

  • Insights on creating a vibrant church culture that encourages active involvement every day of the week.
  • The best digital tools and tips for fostering connections, and enhancing participation.
  • Guided discussion questions to engage all church staff in enhancing church engagement.

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Resi and Pushpay have individually made such a significant impact for us, and as a current customer, we look forward to creating better digital and in-person environments that allow our community to come as they are, be transformed, and make a difference.

Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor at Chase Oaks Church


We’re looking at all kinds of different ways on how to engage people not just on a Sunday when you’re physically present at a campus but throughout the week at home. We currently stream our services with Resi because we want to make sure that it’s available and easy to access for people.

Frank Grand, Web Director, Newspring Church


Pushpay’s ChMS provides cross-reference reports that instantly show markers of engagement that include giving, small group attendance, and volunteering. These reports allow churches to honor our congregant’s time and attention by sending them tailored emails based on their demographics and interests. Rather than distributing the mass messages to everyone, which can lead to congregants missing relevant announcements buried in large newsletters, software reporting and messaging features ease the process by giving individuals the resources they want and need.

Barbara Utt, Administrator, Northwood Christian Church