Get Ahead With These 2023 Giving Season Trends

In a world where change is constant, how does your church stay ahead and continue to inspire generosity among your congregation? By understanding and adapting to the trends!

We’ve compiled crucial data, trends, and strategies in the free ebook, Church Strategies for a Successful 2023 Year-End Giving Season. By following these strategies specifically crafted for 2023, you'll not only end the year successfully but also lay a solid foundation for continued growth in the coming year.

Unlock Potential with Data-Driven Insights

Making informed decisions can mean the difference between a good year and a great one for your church's financial health. Rooted in research, this ebook offers a clear, accurate and comprehensive view of the landscape you'll be navigating in 2023’s year-end giving season. Inside you’ll find:

  • The implications of inflation on year-end giving
  • Recent trends in congregational giving
  • Practical strategies to enhance year-end donations

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