Pastors, here are 29 real-life examples of generosity to use at your church

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Start with Generosity | Pushpay

Learn how to cultivate a culture of generosity in your church.

It may sound simple, but sometimes the answer to some very complicated questions can be found by first taking a single step of generosity. In this book, 29 Christian authors will share practical, real-life ways to start with generosity that you can share with your congregation in sermons and other mid-week lessons.

This isn’t a book exclusively about money or tithing. Generosity goes deeper than finances, and it’s critical that the church teach this.

Pastors, help your church discover the true meaning of generosity. Love makes us generous. Fear makes us stingy. Help your congregation escape fear and its empty lies and step into a life of gratitude and giving.

“Pushpay has been an integral ministry partner of ours since 2015 in developing our culture of stewardship and generosity.”

David Lonsberry

—David Lonsberry, Executive Director of Business and Finance at Christ Fellowship