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Finance lessons pastors wish they would have been taught in seminary.

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 Teaching Your Church to Give

Only 15% of pastors say their seminary prepared them to deal with issues related to finances.

Our newest book helps fill in the gaps. Download this free resource to learn:
• The facts about tithers compared to non-tithers
• Five reasons pastors avoid the topic of giving
• Five congregational objections (and how to overcome them)
• How to create a comprehensive church strategy for stewardship
• Tips for training and mentoring

And why is it vital for churches to be teaching on the subject of finances now?

“27% of Americans have no savings whatsoever and 46% had less than $800 available in savings to cover an emergency.” –CNN Money

If you’re serious about discipleship, you can’t afford to shy away from the important subjects of personal finance and stewardship.

We have so many Millennials who come to Zoe church, and they don’t have checkbooks. About 85% to 90% of our church gives digitally, so you’ve got to make it easy for people to give. Pushpay has allowed us to do that.

Chad Veach

Chad Veach,
Lead Pastor at ZOE Church

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