Free Ebook: The 6 Week Plan to Engaging and Retaining Easter Guests

You’re ready for Easter—but are you thinking about the Sunday after?

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Free Ebook: The 6 Week Plan to Engaging and Retaining Easter Guests

Plan for Your Best Easter Yet

You are probably in the throes of planning an amazing Easter service for your church. Since it’s usually the single biggest day on your church calendar, you know the importance of delivering an airtight plan to give your new guests an excellent first impression.

But are you thinking about what happens after Easter? How do you ensure your new attendees stay plugged in?

Odds are, you’re so immersed in planning the actual event, that your Easter follow-up isn’t top of mind. To help with this, we’ve created a free ebook, Your 6 Week Plan for Retaining Easter Guests: How to Set Your Church Up For Growth After Your Biggest Service of the Year, to help you cross key initiatives off on your follow-up to-do list.

In the ebook, you’ll discover…

  • What an effective Easter retention plan looks like
  • Why having a mobile strategy is critical for visitor retention
  • What top strategies other forward-thinking churches use to engage with newcomers
  • How to care for visitors before and after the Easter service

This week by week plan will help you address all of these areas, and more. In the process, you’ll take your first steps toward converting the biggest day of your year into lasting church growth.