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Where Have All The Church Volunteers Gone?

Where Have All The Church Volunteers Gone?

It’s not overstating it to say that volunteers are the lifeblood of your church. They give your staff and pastor a reach and community impact that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Yet almost every church we talk to always feels like they’re a few (or more) volunteers short.

Most have able-bodied members they have a hard time getting to volunteer. Others get people to start helping out but struggle to prevent burnout. Others aren’t getting enough millennials to step in to assist the more seasoned volunteers.

Are we missing something? Are people just not committed to their churches anymore?

We knew that wasn’t the case so we went to the source and asked 1,200 volunteers and 500 pastors nationwide about the state of volunteerism in their churches. And they had a ton of surprising insights to share.

In a free report, The Definitive Guide to Finding Training and Keeping Church Volunteers, we walk through their responses, including…

  • What pastors get wrong about their volunteers
  • How much money volunteers save churches each year
  • What factors fuel burnout and how to prevent them
  • Which factors fray healthy volunteer cultures
  • And more!

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