Free Ebook: The Data Revolution and the Future of Giving for Churches

See why right now is a pivotal moment for churches and why the future of church giving depends on technology.

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Free Ebook: The Data Revolution and the Future of Giving for Churches

The digital revolution has already happened—has your church fallen behind?

Data is big business. In fact, some economists predict that “data is the new oil.” It powers the digital economy in the same way that oil powered the industrial revolution. Like oil, data has to be collected, refined, and turned into something useful.

Today data gives your church incredible opportunities to guide your members on their spiritual journeys. But in order to take advantage of those opportunities, you have to collect, refine, and use the data available to you.

That means your church needs to prioritize digital giving—not just offer it as an option.

In this free ebook, we’ll walk you through:

  • How advances in technology have changed the way people handle their money
  • What churches need to know about generational differences when it comes to giving
  • Why collecting and using data is more crucial for churches than ever before
  • How you can use advanced digital giving data to encourage spiritual maturity and generosity in your congregation
  • And more

Explore what the latest technological advances and giving trends mean for your church’s future, and become your team’s expert on digital giving.