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How America’s fastest-growing churches effectively engage their congregations, donors, and communities.

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The Definitive Guide to Successful Church Engagement

The Definitive Guide to Successful Church Engagement

America’s fastest-growing, most impactful churches aren’t necessarily the biggest or the loudest churches in the country. They don’t have to have the biggest budgets, most members, or hippest pastors. They’re the churches that engage their congregations most effectively.

While churches in different cultures, geographic locations, and denominations face unique challenges in effectively connecting with their communities, there are common issues shared between. We’ve worked with some of the fastest-growing churches across America to find out what they’re doing to effectively engage their congregations—and now you can learn from their successes (and their mistakes).

Master the seven little-known secrets of church engagement, like:

Why you need to reduce the barriers to getting involved
What it actually means to simplify your mission
How churches use technology to connect outside of a Sunday
How to create a system where people use their unique skills to serve
Why you need to clarify membership expectations

Don’t try to plan for the new year without this expert insight: Get your free copy of The Definitive Guide to Successful Church Engagement today.

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Rick Holliday

Rick Holliday
Executive Director of Ministry Services at North Point Ministries