Ready To Grow Recurring Giving At Your Church? Here’s What You Need To Know

Discover the tried and true secrets to growing recurring giving in the digital era

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Ultimate Guide to Growing Recurring Giving

It’s Time To Take Money Out Of The Equation

Someone has probably asked you in the past: What would you do if money was never an issue? It’s an intriguing question for sure, but for most church leaders it’s not the most important one.

Instead, they're asking the question: What would my church do if money was never an issue?

Maybe engage a new community or fund a homeless ministry. Maybe your church would reach out in a new and innovative way to single parents. The possibilities for doing more good in your community and beyond are truly endless.

So how can your church grow donations to fund even more critical projects and ministries?

The secret is recurring giving.

But teaching people to give can be tricky on its own. Encouraging recurring gifts? Well, that can feel especially difficult no matter how generous your community is.

That’s why we wrote the free ebook, The Ultimate Guide To Recurring Giving. In it, you’ll learn…

  • How recurring givers grow generosity 
  • The secrets to engaging givers: The Charity Water case study 
  • What tools you need to drive recurring giving 
  • How the right platform can grow recurring giving
  • And much more!

What would your church do if it could unleash generosity in your community like never before? Find out how by exploring The Ultimate Guide To recurring Giving Today.

Pushpay has been an incredible partner. Not only has Pushpay made it easy for our people to be generous, the Pushpay team has continued to invest in improving the giving experience while providing exceptional support along the way

Marcus Hsia

Marcus Hsia
Director of Operations | Austin Stone Church