Discover the Simple, Four-Step Process to Nurturing Deeper Connection Within Your Church Community

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Nurture Workbook

Nurture Your Community, Every Step of the Way

Every church wants to see more people develop a more meaningful connection with their ministry—but often times, they don’t know who those people are, what next step they need to take, or how to ask them to take that step.

That’s why we created the Nurture workbook—to help you better identify the people your church is best able to reach and develop a journey to take that person from their first interaction with your church to feeling like they’re a part of your ministry and mission. It covers things like...

  • How to identify the different “personas” at your church
  • When you should ask someone to take the next step (and what that next step should be)
  • Why giving is key in getting someone to take the next step at your church
  • How making someone feel seen can help keep them connected and engaged
  • And more!

Download your free copy of the Nurture Workbook now to get started.