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Technically, you could go back to how you did ministry before COVID-19, but the rest of the world isn’t returning.

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 How Your Church Can Go from Surviving to Thriving

How Your Church Can Go from Surviving to Thriving

For 30 years, we heard that the digital revolution was coming.

Now, it’s here. The world where we minister won’t return back to normal. We’ll open up buildings. We’ll gather again. In-person meetings won’t go away, nor should they.

It’s likely you’ve already dipped your toes into the digital experience for your church. If not before the COVID-19 crisis, then after it.

You probably have an online service. Maybe you’ve experimented with online small groups and even age-based ministries online. Maybe you’ve even tried a “drive-in” service to simulate a gathering experience.

But now, we’re facing the “new normal” which will be a cross between a population of your congregation who will engage in-person and who will continue engaging online. Learn how you can cater to both!

In How Your Church Can Go from Surviving to Thriving, we’ll walk you through:

  • How your strategy can go from surviving to thriving post-COVID-19
  • Designing an online experience that engages your current community and reaches more people
  • The online tools you’ll need to continue a successful digital strategy post-COVID-19
  • How you can build an online ministry that targets all ages across your congregation

By the time you finish reading, you may already be at the point where your church will be gathering or it may be months from now, but no matter where technology takes us, or what we face as a society, the church will always need to gather. And remember, the online church is here to stay as well!