5 Sure-Fire Ways to Kill Your Church’s Staff Culture

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Toxic Leadership

With Toxic Leaders, Your Church’s Mission Is On the Line

Let’s be honest: People don’t go into ministry for the money. And the ones who do (typically) don’t make it. It’s just too much work. The demands are constant, and the hours are long. People go into ministry because they are called. They understand the need of the mission and their place in it.

But just because someone is called into ministry doesn’t mean they’re called to be a part of your church.

And let’s face it—there are people who can be toxic to your staff culture and distract from your larger mission. Stewarding well means putting the right staff in the right place, even if there’s only one person on paid staff at your church. But how do you know which candidates will be a strong fit for your church?

To answer this and other key hiring questions, we wrote the free ebook, Toxic Leadership: 5 People Churches Should Never Hire.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • The 15 red flags to look for when you’re hiring
  • The six characteristics you should look for when hiring
  • What to do if you’ve already hired one of these people

Don’t make the costly mistake of learning what it’s like to hire the wrong person after it’s too late. You can ruin areas of your ministry you’ve spent years building with a single bad staff member, so hire smarter starting today. Get instant access to Toxic Leadership: 5 People Churches Should Never Hire right now.