Free Download: The Big Easter Giveaway

Hosanna Church had a plan to help more people experience the joy of living generously. And that plan is continuing to pay off today.

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Free Download: The Big Easter Giveaway

See what happened when a church gave away their biggest offering of the year.

Two months before Easter, Pastor Ryan Alexander told his executive team that he wanted to give away 100% of the Easter offering. It sounded crazy, but Ryan’s team believed God could use this extravagant gesture to encourage extravagant giving.

“It seems so radical to give away the Easter offering,” said Jennifer Ford, the church’s executive director of ministries. “It would be like Best Buy saying that everything that comes in on Black Friday, we're going to give away. Who does that, right?”

In this case study, you’ll peek behind the curtain to see:

  • How Hosanna pulled off such a huge giveaway in such a short time
  • What happened after Easter Sunday
  • Why “the big Easter giveaway” is still paying dividends today
  • How to apply this to your church

Find out why sometimes modeling generosity is the best way to increase it.

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