Free Infographic: End-of-Year Giving Checklist for Your Church

Nurture year-end generosity this year by exposing and filling potential blind spots in your year-end strategy

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Free Infographic: End-of-Year Giving Checklist for Your Church

Are There Blind Spots In Your Church’s Year-End Generosity Plan?

Between 2017 and 2018, giving to religious declined by 1.5%. And if you’re like most churches we talk to, you probably experienced unseasonably low giving during the 2018 holiday season.

That’s right, you’re not alone.

Giving has been in decline nationwide, and holiday generosity is also taking a hit.

Not only does that mean it’s more difficult for churches to close the loop on their yearly budgets, but it also means more ministries are behind financially when they start the new year. And no church leader wants to start a new year thinking about which ministry or program they might need to downsize.

Like you, we’re hoping for churches to experience a strong end to the year in 2019. That’s why we created the free, easy-to-digest infographic, The End-of-Year Giving Checklist for Your Church.

Even if your church had a great end of year in 2018 or you already have a strategy in place for holiday generosity, this checklist is designed to surface potential blind spots in your plan.

People want to be generous to your church year long, but especially during the holiday season. Enable that generosity by making sure your bases are covered and your year-end strategy is rock solid.

Download the free infographic today to discover how your church can best nurture donors this holiday season.

We think that people like generosity, they want to be generous, but it doesn’t happen automatically.

Shane McCroskey
Executive Pastor | Timberlake Church