On-Demand Webinar: 6 Questions That Could Save Your Next Mission Trip

Discover these keys to successfully running your next mission trip from experts at Pushpay and Focus Missions.


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Planning a missions trip?

Planning a missions trip?

The church is no stranger to missions trips—it’s a tradition as old as the church itself. But while the church has been involved in missions and mission trips for the last 2,000 years, a lot has changed about the specifics of how the same calling is carried out in different places and times.

That’s why we’re so excited to bring you this exclusive new webinar with Focus Missions, 6 Questions That Could Save Your Next Mission Trip. It’s an insightful look into the unique struggles and opportunities of short-term missions trips in the 21st century, covering topics like:

  • How to pick the locations you go to and the ministry partners you serve with
  • The secret keys to empowering your team to fundraise
  • Why most churches struggle to tell the story well (and how to do it right)
  • And more!