Webinar Replay: 4 Ways To Build A Stronger Church Staff in 2019

Discover the simple strategies for creating a more unified, motivated staff culture in 2019 and beyond

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3 Strategies For Your Most Generous December Yet

Here’s How You Set Up Your Team For Success in 2019...

It’s the beginning of another year, and, like every new year before this one, budgets, diets, and habits are being freshly scrutinized.

And it’s not just people making critical changes. Many church teams are finalizing plans and strategies to help their ministries accomplish even greater things in 2019. That means better ministry calendars, even stronger sermons, earlier starts on Easter planning, and many more areas of improvement.

And one area many churches are paying particular attention to is staff health.

Unified and motivated teams contribute to ministry success more than any other factor. Yet few churches take the time to evaluate their staff culture and identify opportunities for growth.

Now’s the perfect time to do just that! And by “now”, we mean Today!

We’ve invited Forbes Contributor and certified church culture guru, Holly Tate, to join us for a free webinar where we’ll talk about...

  • How to establish and scale your staff values in 2019
  • What you need in order to create more equitable compensation plans 
  • How to retain and motivate your team (without giving big raises)
  • How to lead millennials as they go from “new kids” to established team members
  • And much more!

As the Vice President of Marketing for Vanderbloemen Search Group, Holly has spent seven years working with some of the largest and most dynamic ministries in America. She’s seen the power of culture when it works, and the problems that arise when it doesn’t. Join us as she shares those secrets with us!