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Preaching And Teaching Is Only 20% Of The Job. This Webinar Is About The Other 80%...

As a pastor, there’s no end to the requests, relationships, and pressing needs all clamoring for “just a minute” of your attention.

There are sermons to write, sick members to visit, weddings and funerals to officiate, and even the occasional member dispute to mediate.

But the undercurrent to all of these activities is an even more critical pastoral calling: Leadership.

Pastors are leaders—of staff teams, of congregations, of elder boards, of families—and from that leadership flows the entire life of their churches.

That’s why we’re so thankful for organizations like Catalyst, and the men and women there who’ve dedicated their lives to raising up the next generation of leaders in the Church. And it’s why we’re so honored to have Tyler Reagin, author, speaker, and president of Catalyst joining us for a webinar that’s all about church leadership.

Tyler will be sharing from over two decades of experience in ministry and organizational leadership. He’ll walk through...

  • How to make time for fun in the midst of serious work
  • What it looks like to steward both people and Kingdom business
  • How leaders can build restoration and growth back into their days
  • And so much more!

Watch today for the exclusive conversation with one of America’s most influential Christian leaders.