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Thinking About Changing Your Church Management Software?

If you’re like many of the church leaders we talk to, you probably believe changing your database belongs on a list with spiders, snakes, and stepping on legos without shoes on—things literally everyone hates.

And with good reason: changing your church management software can be a long, painful process. In fact, many churches stay with a system that’s too old or doesn’t have the right features because it’s easier than dealing with the pain of switching your database.

But after partnering with more than 7,000 churches, we have learned some key lessons: by separating your giving from your database, you can consolidate your giver- and giving-data outside of your ChMS. With the right tools in place to manage the migration, you can turn a nightmare project into a very feasible, and pain free triumph for your church.

Join us as Kent Woodyard, Director of Partnerships, and Brian Byersdorf, Account Executive, share how they’ve helped hundreds of churches simplify the database transition problem. They’ll explain how to tell if your church is ready to change databases, and how our integrations can help make that process surprisingly easy.