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3 Strategies For Your Most Generous December Yet

There’s a (Much) Better Way to Grow Giving at Your Church...

Your church isn’t the only one that’s been trying to increase giving for some time now. And you and your staff are probably wondering if the small boost you saw after your last campaign is as generous as your congregation will ever be.

The answer is no.

As your community members grow in their faith, their generosity will also blossom.

But that doesn’t mean they’ll naturally start giving more of their income to fund your church’s vision.

That’s where donor development comes into place. With the right strategies for nurturing your donors, you can help even the most fearful donors develop a healthy relationship with giving and increase their donations to your ministry.

That’s why we hosted a free webinar with Alex Calder, donor development director at Kensington Church, and Brad Formsma, founder of I Like Giving. View the video today as they unpack....

  • What every church needs to know about major donors
  • How your church can sustainably grow giving
  • What your donors need in order to find deeper joy in giving
  • And much more

Discover how donor development strategies can help grow giving at your ministry and fund your 2020 vision.