Free Webinar: How Your Parish’s Digital Presence Enhances Stewardship

Learn the tools and tactics thriving parishes are using to connect with their parishioners like never before

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When It Comes to Parish Stewardship Ministries, What Worked Yesterday Won't Work Today...

As often as Jesus called disciples to come and follow Him, He turned that invitation around and took His message to where the crowds were gathered. Jesus saw where the people were, and He went to them.

If today’s parishes are to continue flourishing and thriving, we must follow Jesus’s lead and meet people where they are. And where are they? In 2019, they’re online and on mobile devices.

We live in a digital world. New platforms and devices are not threats to parishes. Rather, they’re opportunities for parish leaders to engage with their parishioners in new and powerful ways. But only if used properly!

For this webinar, offered exclusively in partnership with ICSC, we’ve invited Jill Alberti - an experienced leader in Catholic marketing, stewardship, and communication - to join us. She’ll share about how she works with her team to connect with parishioners like never before.

Alongside Kent Woodyard, Pushpay’s director of business development, Jill will discuss…

  • How to cut through the noise and actually be heard online
  • Ways to blend traditional Catholic forms of communication with the digital world
  • How leading parishes are using mobile apps to connect with parishioners wherever they are
  • And much more!

Hear what’s working in the dioceses Jill serves, and learn what you can implement in your parish this week!