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3 Strategies For Your Most Generous December Yet

The foundations of parishioner engagement: Communication, accountability, and transparency. Let's learn how to get them right!

Maybe you've heard that trust is like a piece of paper - once it's crumpled, it can't be perfect again.

Or maybe it's like a mirror - once it's broken, it never looks the same again.

Whichever metaphor you prefer, the point is the same: trust can take years to build, but only minutes to destroy. And once it's broken, it may be gone forever.

So that's the bad news. But the GOOD news is, when parishes take the time to invest in things like transparency, accountability, and open communication with their parishoners, it can lead to new levels of engagement and stewardship.

That’s why we’re thrilled to have Deacon Robert Beehner of the Diocese of Green Bay joining Pushpay’s Director of Business Development, Kent Woodyard, for a free webinar on the critical things parish administrators and business managers can do to maintain an atmosphere of transparency and accountability, boosting parishioner engagement and participation.

Topics they’ll cover include...

  • How to turn your parish budget into a collaborative process
  • Which next generation tools best engage the next generation of parishioners
  • Creating annual stewardship reports that engage and inspire
  • And much more!

If parishioner engagement is on your mind then this webinar is for you.