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Why the Complete Church Technology Solution is a Myth

If you’ve been in ministry longer than 15 minutes, you’ve probably realized there’s a lot to do. And with your next Sunday service never more than six days away, there’s almost always more to do than there is time or resources to do it.

That’s why many churches know they could be doing more with technology, but don’t have the bandwidth to do more—because when it comes to prioritizing, it’s far less pressing to get the right technology in place than many of the other tasks of ministry.

But there are churches that have found a better way—not by prioritizing technology above people, but by understanding that taking the time to set up the right technology can actually increase their ability to reach more people. That’s why we’re hosting this free webinar, to unpack...

  • Why all-in-one technology solutions are a double-edged sword
  • The hidden factor most churches miss in evaluating tech
  • Why integration is the key to using technology to decrease your workload
  • How to evaluate the needs of your staff versus the needs of your congregation
  • And more!

Watch Jordan Smith and Matt Mayhew from the Pushpay team as they discuss how to set up a church marketing stack that decreases your workload and increases your reach.