Over 2,200 Churches Shared Their Opinions on Tech

Discover what leaders like you are saying about their priorities, concerns, and expectations for church technology, today and for the future.

We’re constantly exploring how tech can further support the Church. Surveys, analytics, and data-driven insights are powerful tools for shaping how ministries engage with their communities, and in doing so refine their approach to building engagement.

Churches are Refining Their Approach to Tech


Mixed Ministry Is Here To Stay

We always believed that once churches adopted technology, they would stick with it moving forward. This year’s numbers confirm our hunch.


Social Media is a Trend of the Past

Churches are committed to livestreaming, but—in one of the most dramatic shifts we’ve ever seen—they’re signaling a mass migration away from social media.


The Needs and Wants of Churches Have Changed

A new world requires new tools. Church leaders are more tech-savvy than ever, and they’re applying that fresh knowledge to making patient, informed decisions for their ministries.