What are you thankful for?

For the remainder of the year, we’re choosing to embrace gratitude. Share a story of gratefulness by November 25, 2020 and as a thank you, we’ll make a donation, on your behalf, to help Feeding America provide 100 meals to people in need this season.

We know there’s been some light shining in the midst of all the darkness that has characterized this year. This fall, leading up to the holiday season, we’re going to spend some energy focusing on the good and give back to those in need in the process!

What are you thankful for?
We’d like to invite you to share a story of unexpected goodness. Tell us how you’ve seen hope sprout up amidst the struggles, what you appreciate now more than ever, or how God has used this year’s difficulties to show you something beautiful. Share anything you are thankful for!

What are we thankful for?
We’re thankful for you! Truly. That’s why for every message of gratitude you share, we’ll make a donation, on your behalf, to help Feeding America provide 100 meals to people in need this season. Thank you!

Share a Story, Give 100 Meals

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