Church Culture Roundtable

Grace Point | Medical Center Campus
9650 Huebner, San Antonio, TX 78240

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  Build a Healthy Church Staff Culture That’s Ready for the Future
Grace Point | Medical Center Campus
September 25, 2019
9 AM to 11 AM

Build a Healthy Church Staff Culture That’s Ready for the Future

The world is changing faster than ever. How is your church adapting to meet the expectations of current and future generations? With the Gospel as our central focus, we as church leaders must build strong leadership teams and foster a culture of innovation as the Church furthers its mission to impact our communities for Christ.

Join Tim Stevens (Vanderbloemen) and Troy Pollock (Pushpay) as they lead us in exploring how to build a strong church leadership foundation and a culture of innovation that’s equipped to meet our congregations where they are. From aligning our team to leveraging technology, together, we can build the Church for the future.

You’ll learn...

  • Why a healthy leadership team is key to a healthy church
  • How to build a thriving, long-lasting staff culture
  • How to align your staff and congregation toward a common mission
  • How to leverage technology to engage attendees
  • And more

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to hear directly from Tim and Troy and learn what it means to build your church for the future as you build the Kingdom in your community. Space is limited, so register today!

Speaking at this event

Tim Stevens
VP, Vanderbloemen

Tim Stevens is the VP of Consulting at Vanderbloemen. As the former Executive Pastor of Granger Community Church, a congregation that grew from 250 to more than 6,000 during his twenty years leading the staff, Tim now helps churches build great teams through hiring, compensation, culture, and succession solutions. Tim also blogs at and is a published author of 7 books on Christian living and leadership. His latest is Marked By Love: A Dare to Walk Away from Judgment & Hypocrisy.

Troy Pollock
Troy Pollock
Chief Ambassador, Pushpay

Troy is currently the Chief Ambassador at Pushpay. As the first U.S. employee, Troy helped shape Pushpay to be one of the fastest growing SaaS companies today. Troy pioneered the Customer Success Department from humble beginnings to an Award Winning team that partners with churches and non-profits internationally. After studying Communication & Sociology at SDSU and Theology at ORU, Troy helped pioneer a healthy church in Southern California, where he served as an Executive for 6 years. These experiences allowed Troy’s transition to Pushpay to facilitate his calling and desire to help faith organizations ignite generosity and drive engagement within their communities.