Pushpay Sessions: Washington DC

“If I had known this event was this great, I would have brought my whole team” – Tampa Attendee

Pushpay Sessions Washington DC
October 23rd, 2018

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Most church staff events are here to “inspire” you with generic motivational content. But this event isn’t that.
Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel
999 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
October 23rd, 2018
10:30 AM to 2:30 PM EDT

Get the Playbook for Driving Giving and Engagement in Your Community

If your church is like most churches, your lead pastor, operations director, head of communications, and IT manager are all being bombarded by different messages about how to do their jobs well.

But this can be disastrous for your church if the core team lacks alignment around a shared vision and forward-thinking strategy for how you’re going to get there.

If your church is like most churches, it’s at risk of becoming a house divided, disagreeing on critical questions like…

  • What’s the biggest gap in our current discipleship process?
  • How does technology play into our communication strategy?
  • What specific demographic is our church trying to reach?
  • What should we be doing now to set a solid foundation for the next ten years?

The reality is the vehicle for evangelism is shifting. More and more, it’s about using technology to deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time. And the churches that will thrive in the decades ahead are the ones that both embrace the digital transformation and learn how to use technology properly to drive participation.

Learn to engage people the right way

Pushpay Sessions are designed to help you better engage your church.
This session will focus on recent technology trends and why they matter to the church. We’ll discuss how implementing simple marketing and communications strategies coupled with the right technology can enable you and your team to…

  • Personalize the journey for each of the members of your church
  • Communicate clearly and effectively to cut through the noise of everyday life
  • Truly drive engagement, participation, and generosity in your community (inside and outside the four walls of your church)

Full Agenda:

10:30 AM   Welcome + Check-in (coffee & donuts provided)
11:00 AM   Expectations from the Pew
Your church attendees are spending inordinate amounts of time on their mobile devices. The technology landscape is changing, and the church is competing for the attention of her communities with the likes of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google.

The good news is that we will talk about a plan which starts with the expectations from the pew. Learn how to adapt to the changing world of church technology and delight your community. 

11:20 AM   Nurturing the Member Journey
One of the scariest parts of running a large church is the potential for people to get lost in the shuffle. How many churches can truly say they can make sure everyone in their community feels personally discipled and cared for?

While it’s impossible to be fully in tune with every single person in our churches at any given moment, there are a lot of great ways technology can help ensure the people in our community are taken on a cohesive journey, whether they’re new to the church or long-time attendees. 

01:00 PM   Why Clarity is the Key to Growth
Most pastors work tirelessly to get people involved in the church, whether it’s attending an event, serving in a ministry, or giving on regular basis. Yet reaching people is a frustrating process. Why? Because we live in a noisy world, and clarity is the only way to win. Wes walks you through the StoryBrand Framework, a path used by top companies to create enormous clarity in messaging. You’ll discover how more effectively reach people so they become more active in what you’re doing. 

1:45 PM
Pushpay Customer Success Q&A Panel
The Pushpay Success Panel is a Q&A session for influential church leaders to share their success stories after partnering with Pushpay.

2:15 PM
Product Demonstration
2:30 PM
Closing Q&A


Steve Basden

Beka Johnson
Director of Lifecycle Marketing

Wes Gay
Storybrand Certified Guide

Contact: [email protected]